IronMaori Taupo- Nui-A-Tia

IronMaori Taupo- Nui-A-Tia Feature Image

IronMaori was founded in 2009 by Heather Skipworth and Missy Mackey (together with their husbands, Wayne Skipworth and George Mackey) and has grown in popularity over the years to become a respected multi-sport event which continues to attract an increasing number of followers, including non-maori, who support the kaupapa of leading healthier more active lifestyles.

IronMaori Taupo-Nui-A-Tia is a grass roots multi-sport event including three sections that can be completed as an individual or a team:

- Matua (18+ years) - 600m Swim, 20km Cycle, 5km Run/walk
- Rangatahi (13-17 years) - 300m Swim, 10km Cycle, 2km Run/Walk
- Tamariki (5-12 years) - 100m Swim, 1km Run/Walk