Winter Restore Embodied Yoga and Pilates Immersion - Cambridge

Winter Restore Embodied Yoga and Pilates Immersion - Cambridge Feature Image

A bliss full one day Winter Restore Immersion into Embodied Yoga and Pilates with Gwen Bryce and Tracey Puttergill at Sakura.

This one day treat will be an exploration of you, your emotions, your thoughts, your habitual patterns and mental constructs and how they relate to your physical expression of movement in everyday life, and your overall physical and mental well-being. 

This immersion is for women and men, everybody: no matter what age, shape or fitness level, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced practitioner of Yoga or Pilates. All that is required to participate is an open curiosity about your personal development and your body-mind connection. 

The Winter Restore Immersion will be a perfect winter restorative break: a day of replenishing self-care and self inquiry set in the beautiful country environment of Sakura in the rolling Waikato hills, located 15 minutes from Cambridge. 

In this one-day immersion, Gwen and Tracey will offer an array of practices - yoga nidra meditation, breath work, yoga asana, free movement, journaling and pilates practice to support and encourage you to find a deeper embodied connection to yourself, and through yourself to your environment and to others. 

Freedom and happiness reside in your willingness and openness to explore yourself! 

For more information, follow the link to their Facebook event.