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I have participated in Jump Jam, interschool sports, bowls and athletics. I have been involved with the Police Challenge and have attended sports camp for a week, where schools competed against one another in a variety of different sports. I play rugby league for a local club and Waikato Maaori. I also play water polo for my school team and the Waikato ‘A’ team, swim competitively and do jazz and hip hop dance. Playing sport and being active is a big part of my life!

I love sport of any kind – it keeps you fit and you meet a lot of different people and make a lot of new friends. I don’t like sitting around and being bored. I love participating in team sport and putting goals in place to achieve.

When I achieve my physical activity goals it makes me feel great. If I know that I have done my best in whatever it is I choose to do, then I am happy. It’s not always about winning. In the sports that I play, I make sure I practice lots – I train hard, but make sure that I always have a positive attitude. I sometimes find it difficult when trainings get harder, but I really like the challenge of making it to the next level – getting fitter, performing better and succeeding. That's what keeps me involved.

My future sport goals are to play water polo and rugby sevens for New Zealand. At the moment I am also trying to achieve swimming times to go to Nationals in March. While I enjoy competing, I also have lots of fun getting out and being active with friends and making new ones through sport and physical activity. It's not always serious -  I make sure I have time to play and laugh with my friends and team mates too.

  • Carly


    "Going to the gym and being physically active makes me feel alive and motivated"

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  • Aynslee


    "The rush you get from being active, and achieving your physical goals, is unmeasurable"

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  • Catarina


    "I love the feeling when you're all sweaty, tired and out of breath because you know you've tried your best and pushed yourself as far as you could"
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  • Courtney


    "I like getting fit, competing and winning medals. I like to have big strong muscles"
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  • Jo


    "I enjoy the social aspect of being physically active, when it’s not too serious and it’s just about learning new skills or getting out of the house and having fun"

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  • Trinity


    “I don't like sitting around and being bored. I love participating in team sport and putting goals in place to achieve.”

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  • Sirtori


    “Never give up, keep pushing even when times are hard, and love yourself. Find your passion and grow because your only competition is yourself”

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  • Colleen


    “Being active is important to me. I want to live a healthy life and movement is a big part of that”

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  • Annmaree


    "For me, sport and physical activity has offered me opportunities to make friends for life and memories I will never forget"

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  • Jess


    "I’m now convinced that I am not in competition with anyone and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks anyway. I know I’m never going to win races but as long as I am trying my best to be a better me than I was yesterday then I am winning at life"

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  • Dawn


    "Not being the one sitting on the sidelines watching and being able to role model how to stay healthy and fit to my children so that they grow up believing being active is a part of everyday life and sharing all these wonderful adventures with them, it makes my heart sing"

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  • Linda


    “Quite often when you can’t be bothered or you’re feeling sluggish and tired you can surprise yourself on how well you’ll do. Just get out the door, breathe in some fresh air and take some time for YOU, because you deserve to be HAPPY and HEALTHY!”

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  • Tracey


    “Start out with small steps and milestones like walking around the block without stopping, going to that first group fitness class or jumping in the water for the first time in 10 years or so”

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  • Rae


    “I feel a lot happier when I'm active. A run or a swim will always clear my head”

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  • Pele


    “You have got to have a positive attitude and just get out there. Keep moving, stay focused, because life is way too short to waste your time not doing what you love to do. Just do it”

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  • Marie


    “By valuing ME more, I started to recognise myself and all of my qualities. Now I’m proud of who I am”

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